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tumblr we need to have a talk

last week you unfollowed me from jinn

this week you unfollowed me from AJ

who else have you unfollowed me from that i havent noticed yet??

im upset


Matt Rockefeller

Anonymous said: "did you by any chance know one of your personal photos is being used as Max Adler's Wikipedia article profile photo?"

yep. the person that put it up asked me about it before they did it.


140816 daejeon fansign
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寝坊したとき 大学生vs社会人 #hokuto #fukuoka 〜 ほくぴー

When you oversleep  Uni students vs working adults #hokuto #fukuoka 〜 ほくぴー

Uni students:

Working adults:

I’ll be going off now. 


My words of wisdom if you ever have OTP feels


My words of wisdom if you ever have OTP feels


Bangtan x Tumblr text posts - pt.7 : Motionless Min


crSeek My Dream // DO NOT EDIT

” I am a shy person, but when people around me are also shy, I try to be outgoing since I want to be more comfortable with them and get to know them better. But I started to think that’s not right. I’m doing my best to be friendly with them and lighten the mood but for the viewers who see that, they don’t get it. They think, ‘Why is she acting cute around guys?’ And they look at me as if I’m just like that around guys. I hoped they see it positively, but they don’t see it that way. Out of my group, I was the least concerned with those comments but I started to read them more after coming on to Roommate and Style Log. Now, I’m being more exposed on TV, people are seeing my personality and there are a lot of people who can’t get used to my personality and don’t like me. I’m slowly changing. A part of me is being more cautious while there is also a part of me that is becoming more sensitive to how I act. I am only human so I can’t help but feel scared. I’m not brave enough to disregard all that and that’s been my biggest concern lately.

this is why they call you bambi

N’s smile vs N’s dancing  (requested by taeblush)


Sign me the fuck up


Sign me the fuck up


who needs friends when you have inactive followers

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