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My Concerts



Why I was talking to Darren’s Manager, Ricky. 

Under a readmore, because I typed a lot. xD

So, back in December I took an awesome picture at Darren’s concert.


Afterwards, I uploaded it to Darren’s fan page on facebook.

One of the guys in the band, (Christopher I think) tagged himself and the other band members in it (except for Darren).

A few weeks or so later, Darren comments on it, saying he was looking through Chris’s pictures and saw this and thought it was really awesome.

It was also uploaded on his official website.

Fastforward to today.

I wake up to a million messages from people telling me that Ricky is looking for me.

I notice also, that Ricky has sent me a message on Facebook, Tumblr, and AIM (AIM, really?) asking about the photo.

Apparently they posted my picture on his page again, asking for people to find me so they can get a hold of me. (Always Watermark your pictures, guys)

So I call him. (he left him number in one of the messages)

First of all he apologized for cyber stalking me, which I though was pretty funny. I told him that I woke up to a ton of messages from a bunch of people and he laughed. Then he said he wanted to get a higher res version of the picture because they want to use it for Billboard magazine. He said he sent them the picture before, and they loved it, so they wanted to get a bigger one for use in print.

He also said that shortly after the concert, Darren found my picture and he called Ricky up and was like “Man! You’ve got to see this picture!” He really thought it was awesome apparently. I told him that he left a comment on it back them. Then we talked about how he put it up on the website and such. and I told him how I went to both shows so I was like “I’ve got to get this picture.”

Then after that is when he said that next week was going to be big for Darren. He said a few things that haven’t been announced yet, including that he was going to be on Ellen. I told him that we already knew that and he seemed a little surprised.

But yeah, I told him it was okay that they used my picture as long as I got photo credit. and then I said good luck to him and Darren and we got off the phone.

He’s a really cool guy. Really easy and nice to talk to.

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